The most popular form of transportation in 55+ communities in Florida is a golf cart.  Some people even own two carts. Whether you are a yearlong resident or a Snowbird, your golf cart needs care, just as your automobile and recreational vehicle, if you own one. You might say how difficult can this be.  Well, it is fairly simple! But in the end you do want to make sure your golf cart is safe.

Batteries – In an electric cart, your batteries are what keeps you running!  You may have 4-6 batteries in your cart. The terminals on the batteries should be clean.  Baking soda is an excellent cleaner and you probably have it in your kitchen. Find an old toothbrush and clean away.  Make sure you rinse off the baking soda residue. If you own a battery tester, you would be able to test the battery load.

In a gas cart, there is a small battery, but more important are the fuel injectors. If they are not clean your cart will not perform like it should.

Tires – No matter what kind of tires are on your cart, the pressure needs to be checked. If you are unsure of the required pressure, it is located on the sidewall of the tire. Be aware that even if there is good tread on your tires, they still get dry rot over a period of time.  This can cause a flat or blow out.  Sometimes the tires will need replaced because they are old, rather than worn.

Brakes – Check your brakes and blow out the brake dust. Check the thickness of your pads. Check to make sure there is not too much play in the brakes.

Lights and Reflectors – Check all your lights – headlights, brake lights and turn signals. Get someone to help to look at them as you test them.

Clean – Finally, how about giving the cart a bath now and then. If the cart has been sitting, it definitely needs a wash. Be careful with the over-spray as to not get any electrical wires wet. If you wax your car, you might like to wax your cart.